Home schooling can prove challenging to even the keenest of parents and children. The urge to do what’s best for your child can be frustrated by the bewildering amount of work they need to get through. If mum or dad can’t understand what is being asked of their child, how can the child be expected to know? Teaching methods have changed to such an extent that it is little wonder that parents are confused and floundering. Teachers specialise in their chosen subjects but parents are suddenly expected to know it all!

Paradoxically, there are almost too many online resources out there. Parents of younger children feel particularly overwhelmed by the choices on offer. Which is the right level for my child? Is this the most effective worksheet? Is it up to date? Relevant? All these questions need to be tackled when choosing a fun learning activity.

Schools do a terrific job, sending home relevant course- work but how can parents guide their children through it all? They worry about impeding their children’s progress if they try to help. If neither parent or child can manage the subject, failure follows, leading to increased tension and anxiety for both parent and child. ParentTeach.Online will boost your confidence as a home teacher, enabling your child to learn with confidence, too.


A low-cost course of 3 interactive online tutorials for parents, where you will share your issues online, face to face with a qualified teacher. Each course is designed and presented by UK qualified teachers with tutoring experience, to equip you with the knowledge base that you need to benefit your child and make a real impact on your child’s education.

Your tutor will be your own personal guide through aspects of the National Curriculum, Teaching Methodology and Assessment, enabling you to fully understand the aims of each subject area, the topics covered and the level of learning required to achieve success. By the end of the course you will be able to assess your child’s abilities using Government Mark Schemes and cut through all the bewildering jargon and teacher-speak we see online.

Most importantly, the teacher will share with you the best ideas and resources that they have tried and tested, either in the classroom, or as one to one tutors. All our online teachers have 1-1 tutoring experience, so they know the potential pitfalls and the best ways to engage your child in home learning. They can also point you to where you will find the most appropriate resources for your child.